Portraits of Paderewski

The bronze pictured above was done in 1920 by Wojciech Przedwojewski and shows Paderewski just after he resigned from the government and was contemplating returning to the concert stage.  We are considering how we may be able to use this image for our poster for the Tenth Festival in 2023.  The antiquarian bookshop “Antykwariat Galeria Atticus” in Warsaw–which is offering this plaque for sale and has given us permission to picture it here–is located just outside the main gate to Warsaw University and across the street from the Chopin apartment museum.  The bookshop has a number of bronzes–mainly of Chopin–of interest to our Festival.

1. PRZEDWOJEWSKI Wojciech (1877-1967), [plakieta, brąz, lata 20-te] Ignacy Paderewski 1920 - cena 4900 zł

2. [plakieta, ok. 1930] Fr. Chopin - cena 650 zł

3. AUMILLER Józef (1892-1963), [plakieta, 1926] Fryderyk Chopin - cena 1900 zł

4. AUMILLER Józef (1892-1963), [plakieta, lata 1930-te] Fryderyk Chopin - cena 4950 zł

5. NALBORCZYK Jan (1870 - 1940), [plakieta, 1923] Fryderyk Chopin - cena 4950zł

6. WINKLER Wiesław (1938- ), rzeźbiarz SZYMANOWSKI Wacław (1859-1930), rzeźbiarz, kopia według [medalion, ok. 2003 (1926)] Fryderyk Chopin - cena 2400 zł

7. [plakieta, 1968] Medalion z profilem Fryderyka Chopina według szkicu „Fryderyk Chopin na łożu śmierci" Teofila Kwiatkowskiego - cena 1650 zł

8. ŚWIĘCKI Wojciech (1823-1873), [popiersie, brąz, lata 1930-te] Fryderyk Chopin - cena 950 zł

Shortly before his 24th birthday. The dedication, dated October 4, 1884, is to Helena Modrzejewska (Modjeska), actress, under her married name Chlapowska. She had promoted Paderewski and organized the concert of the night before in Krakow which provided him the funds necessary to study with Teodor Leszetycki in Vienna.






painted about 1890

painted 1890 by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones at the time of Paderewski’s sensational London debut

painted 1891 by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


1904 from a book entitled “Misrepresentative Men”

1909 caricature

caricature 1917

“Life Magazine” with a combination photo/caricature of Paderewski and a humorous column about his hair and his salary. The date of the magazine is February 16, 1893.

The two TIME magazine covers which featured Paderewski, the earlier one (1928) when he was beginning yet another tour of the United States and the later one on the eve of World War II when he was working beginning his last tour, which included Raleigh, North Carolina.